Introducing Institute Romak

Romak owners in 1391 established the future institution and recruit committed professionals in the field of marketing and management Export Development started its activities.Over the next few years thanks to God today has been able to grow and improve the quality of their services ، A major step forward for the goal of exporters and producers in the domestic market and market other country.
Our job description:Inside and outside Iran.
Fieldwork for goods and services
Evaluation of market capacity
Identify competitors
Advice on design and packaging
Advertising Overseas
Management Plan for the development of exports

Internal marketing90%
Design and Packaging70%
Research and Market Overview 60%
The development of sales 60%

Services Institute romak

Here is not the end، The starting point for a sustainable success..


Romak in marketing and providing conditions for the development of domestic and foreign sales jobs are in the service.

Export Development

If you need information in the field of export promotion is related to the target market. We are prepared to act to meet the needs of our loved ones.

Handicrafts and Tourism

Romak is working in collaboration with stakeholders, Handicrafts and Tourism To create and market tourism, marketing and advertising in other countries this will further prosper.


Institute Romak future owners enjoying the famous masters classes and free training for member companies try to enhance the quality of marketing and market expansion, in order to develop export is in favor of exporters.

The main part Romak

Romak Institute includes the following sections is different in that we are familiar with some of them