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About Institute Atiyeh Daran Romak

Atiyeh Daran Romak began its marketing and sales development activities in 2012. Relying on our knowledge and expertise in international marketing, we focused on the African market and particularly on the East African market. By studying the East African market in countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, discovering the potentials of their markets, and complementing our studies with two main approaches, namely ‘field study’ and ‘connecting with professionals in the target markets (East African markets)’ in the recent years, we have built a comprehensive database and many a fruitful connection in the markets of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other countries in this region.
Atiyeh Daran Romak’s policy is specialized marketing in the continent of Africa. We have run this specialized website in the field of commerce and export (in four languages: Persian, Arabic, English, and French) for export development.

Some of the main features of joining this website include:

A. Specialized marketing for companies in AfricaA. Specialized marketing for companies in Africa

B. Direct connection with international customers and companiesB. Direct connection with international customers and companies

Why IR Exporter؟

Today, manufacturing and exporting are increasingly competitive, and simply having a website does not generate new sale leads. Customers refer to market leaders and professional experts to complete their purchase journey more confidently.
Manufacturing and export companies are often unhappy with their current digital marketing service providers, because simply having a beautiful website including some keywords does not lead to new customers.
Studies show that more customers than before begin their purchase journey online. If people do not find you on the Internet, IR Exporter can be the platform introducing you to the African market.

irexporter، trade with Africa without borders

Atiyeh Daran Romak has created irexporter.com specialized B2B website for commerce and export to promote and increase exports from Iran as well as specialized marketing and sales development in Africa.
irexporter.com is the first Iranian B2B website focusing on Africa, which is concentrating on the African market relying on its knowledge and experience in international marketing. Accordingly, we established a multilingual website to introduce a new chapter in international marketing to African markets.

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