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1. Registration is free for foreign companies in this website and it has no cost to them.

2. irexporter is an online B2B website which focused in Africa. This website is a platform for all companies who are interested to trade in Africa region. In addition, this website facilitates connections between importers and exporters.

3. All importer and exporter companies in this website are verified. It is available to connect with most reliable companies in this website.

4. Possibility of uploading products images and visual advertisement will be provided to you by registering in this website.

5. With regard to the fact that this website is active in four different languages, registering in this website will improve search result subject to searching your brand name in search engines.

6. After sending information from registrant, registrant’s information will be verified and uploaded within 2 days.

7. After verification of information and completion of process, notification email will be sent to registrant.

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irexporter، trade with Africa without borders

Atiyeh Daran Romak has created specialized B2B website for commerce and export to promote and increase exports from Iran as well as specialized marketing and sales development in Africa. is the first Iranian B2B website focusing on Africa, which is concentrating on the African market relying on its knowledge and experience in international marketing. Accordingly, we established a multilingual website to introduce a new chapter in international marketing to African markets.

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Post Code: 1587856446
Tel.: (+98) 2186085811 | (+98) 2186085901 | (+98) 2177493120
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WhatsApp: (+98) 9903981138

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